Monday, July 10, 2006



I stepped into the store of a wedding planner; for a few minutes; she didn’t realize I was there; she was occupied by cutting carefully a pink piece of cloth used to wrap a piece of chocolate for the celebration of a new born baby.. there were lots of them on her desk..

Its been over three weeks now for being too involved in the preparations..

Tiny details that take a lot of time, and I refuse to delegate them..

Different flowers for the church ceremony..

Two days spent to find that tiny thing that will be attached to the veil to decorate it

The dress

The shoes

His tie

The cards..

The survey done to choose the wedding center piece of the “bonbonnière”

I stayed two hours with that creative wedding planner to choose the “bonbonnière” wrapping; choosing each ribbon and flower; which ended up to be more expensive than the piece itself J

I can see it in my fiancé eyes: يا لينا حرام عليكى، تشترى الفرخة بجنيه و القفص بخمسة جنيه!!

I smile..

Think of all what’s happening, which has not yet ended..

I don’t feel “busy” , I am “living” “celebrating”

Looking at those “framed moments” in our living room, on my desk, with my friends..

I lived a life..

i celebrated a life..